6 proven online IPL betting strategies that will multiply your winnings

Five Proven Betting Strategy Ipl

The Indian Premium League is one of the most competitive leagues globally. It was introduced in 2008 by the Board of Control for Cricket in India. It is a Twenty-20 cricket tournament that consists of ten teams as two new teams are introduced in the 2022 session. The league comprises 74 matches, and the Twenty-20 format is adopted. The hype of IPL has opened many lucrative doors for cricket betting lovers.

The Indian Premium League is very competitive, with some matches having been decided by one point or less. But how to make money in IPL betting? You can come across many strategies and tricks on the internet that may sound very convincing and give you false hope. But before you try out any of the IPL betting strategies, you should be aware of the losses. To help you avoid any loss, we have gathered six proven betting strategies that can multiply your winnings!

1. Stay Away from Viral Sports News

Viral Sports News in India

The Indian Premium League has been a major attraction for many cricket fans globally, but sports news channels and websites. They simply want to make money by driving traffic. Since they can’t post the same story repeatedly, they find new angles to write about. You have noticed that these news channels choose IPL betting, IPL betting in India that hasn’t even started yet as breaking news. So you should stay away from such websites and news channels.  

2. Take Your Time to Choose the Right Betting Site.

Right Betting Site ipl

You can sometimes make a lot of money by betting on IPL. To get the best chance of making money, you need to find good IPL betting sites. There are many sites available, and choosing one may be quite tough. Take your time and study some reviews before making any bets. You should consider finding an attractive bonus offer, which will help you earn more money if you win in the first few months that you register with the site.

3. Know the League Format

League Format ipl

The Indian Premier League is a Twenty20 cricket tournament that consists of different teams. Each team plays ten matches, and the tournament’s winner automatically qualifies for the IPL final. The league format is really important, and by knowing it, you can make money on IPL cricket betting. Sometimes an underdog has a better chance to win over its favorite team, but it depends on individual points of view. So choose wisely when you are betting for higher profits.

4. Never Bet on High Priced Batsmen

Priced Batsmen ipl

Many cricket players are priced too high when it comes to IPL betting. They may be very good in the One-Day International matches, but they may not do well in the league. So you should avoid betting on these players and instead look for batsmen who have a lower price. Because there are many good players out there who are underrated, and you can sometimes find them at a lower price.

5. Keep an Eye on Weather Conditions before Betting

Weather Conditions before Betting

Many cricket matches get cancelled due to bad weather. So you should make sure that you pick a match date before making any IPL live betting. On the other hand, if the weather is good, even an underdog may become a favorite over the favorite team, and you can easily earn money by betting on it. Also, if the favorite team wins and you’ve bet on the underdog, then a small investment can help you earn a lot of money.

6. Research on Underdogs

Research on Underdogs india

You should avoid high-priced cricket players and instead focus on less-priced ones who have the chance to score big runs in their initial overs. Betting sites usually give extra points to players who have made half-centuries or more in the last three months preceding the start of the IPL tournament. This is one of the best strategies to make money in the IPL betting line, as there are fewer chances that you will lose money by following it.

These betting strategies are a good way to make money, but you have to be very careful while following them. They may sound trustworthy, and they may help you earn a lot of money in the initial weeks of the tournament. But later on, if you find other ways to make money in IPL gambling, it will be much easier for you with the best IPL betting apps. By following these proven strategies, you can easily double your bankroll and earn more than enough money for yourself.